4 Egyptian Restaurants Make it to MENA’s Top 50

4 Egyptian Restaurants Make it to MENA’s Top 50

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The World’s 50 Best has released a 2023 list of the Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) most appreciated restaurants, with four Egyptian restaurants making the cut: Zööba, Kazoku, Sachi Cairo, and Reif Kushiyaki Cairo.


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The World’s 50 Best has celebrated restaurants from across the globe, seeking to explore culinary innovation and diversity since 2002. Curated by over a thousand experts, with a thorough auditing structure, their lists are annual snapshots into some of the finest gastronomical experiences worldwide.

At #9: Zööba

Zooba is rooted in showcasing the best, most authentic version of Egyptian cuisine. With fresh and clean ingredients, Zooba is a direct window into the simplest forms of the Egyptian experience: street food. Today, Zooba is a global chain, with branches in the United States, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and locally in Egypt.

Zooba’s main branch is located in Zamalek, Cairo.

At #12: Kazoku

Kazoku, denoting the concept of ‘family’ in Japanese culture, seeks to serve up authentic dishes inspired by Japanese culinary history. Founded by Ayman Baky and team-led by chef Mostafa Gabr, Kazoku’s menu offers several delectables, from Thai curry, to pyramid uramaki rolls and shrimp tempura.

As only one piece of Baky’s gastronomic ventures, Kazoku sits alongside both Sachi and Reif Kushiyaki under Baky Hospitality.

Kazoku is located in Second New Cairo.

At #30: Sachi Cairo

Different from Zööba and Kazoku, Sachi samples flavours from a variety of Mediterranean and African locales. From the well-loved, and much-sought South African Chateaubriand steak, to appetisers such as tuna tartare with avocado and orange ponzu, and octopus carpaccio: Sachi presents an experience in and of itself.

Sachi Cairo is located in Heliopolis.

At #45: Reif Kushiyaki Cairo

Although “Dubai-born, Japanese-inspired”, Reif Kushiyaki has found a welcome home in Egypt. The name comes from the Japanese word kushi meaning skewers, and is a nod to the restaurant’s specialty of skewered grills. In the same vein, the name is also an allusion to robatayaki, a century-old cooking technique most commonly used by fishermen in the north of Japan.

With ramen bowls and several seafood options, there is room for experimentation. Though, unsurprisingly, Reif’s signature dish is the kushiyaki, which comes in three portions.

Reif Kushiyaki Cairo is located in Waterway, New Cairo.

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