Al-Jazeera Journalists Sentenced to Three Years in Prison in Egypt

Al-Jazeera Journalists Sentenced to Three Years in Prison in Egypt

Peter Grest (right) along with Mohamed Fahmy (center) and Baher Mohamed (left) during their first trial in 2014.
Peter Greste (right) along with Mohamed Fahmy (center) and Baher Mohamed (left) during their first trial in 2014.

Al-Jazeera journalists Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, Baher Mohamed and Peter Greste have been sentenced to three years in prison. Baher Mohamed received an additional six month sentence.

The Judge said the defendants had spread false news and were not registered as journalists in Egypt. The Judge said that the defendants “are not journalists and are not registered with Egypt’s press syndicate or the State Information Service,” before adding that the defendants possessed unlicensed devices that were used to broadcast false news which harmed the country.

Australian journalist Peter Greste had been released in February and deported under an order by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

Today’s verdict saw the attendance of officials from the Embassies of Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. International lawyer Amal Clooney also attended the trial to support Mohamed Fadel Fahmy.

According to a judicial source, the sentencing can be appealed once again by the defendants. A year in prison in Egypt translates to between nine and ten months.

The journalists had been accused of paying 16 suspected Muslim Brotherhood members who were charged with belonging to a terrorist organization. The prosecution also accused the journalists of defaming Egypt and broadcasting false news while working with Al-Jazeera.

Al-Jazeera’s Greste, Fahmy and Mohamed spent 400 days behind bars while awaiting trial and retrial. However, in late 2014, the Court of Cassation dropped their prison sentence, which ranged from seven to ten years, and ordered a retrial.

This story is developing.

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  • Commander_Chico

    Whatta joke. OK, Egyptian judges, keep killing investment and tourism.

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    This is great news, i am very happy that these traitors are in prison.

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  • MarkNicosia

    When the Prophet Mohamed, (PBUH), ascended to heaven, he told the Egyptians, “Don’t do a thing until I get back.” So far, so good!

  • Key

    They should have got way more than 3 years and that criminal auzzi should have never been let go. Evidence PROVED that Al Jazeera Network has, in fact, been using their imprisoned journalists, who worked for Al Jazeera English for money laundry and criminal acts in Egypt.

    The network paid people from around Egypt essentially to play protesters on television, in a potentially hazardous deception. Hired “collaborators” got equipment to film staged demonstrations and sent with portable broadcast equipment (TVUs), protest footage to air on Al Jazeera’s Mubasher Misr Channel [translated as Egypt Live] from Doha.

    Farag Fathy Farag, the former lawyer for Al Jazeera, told iMediaEthics, the network deposited $1.5 million in his bank account with instructions to pay Egyptian protesters cash for staging demonstrations for broadcast on Al Jazeera channel, Mubasher Misr. The Lawyer added that Al Jazeera paid thugs to commit violence against Egyptian civilians in order to blame it on the security forces. At the beginning, Aljazeera convinced the lawyer that the deposit was to pay salaries for their employees in Egypt, but when he realized that it was money laundry to commit criminal and terror acts in Egypt, he returned back the money, and informed the District attorney General. These are not journalist but criminals committing terror activities in Egypt while the state controlled western world justifies the aljazeera terrorism as innocent journalism?! Tahya Misr!

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  • Arie Bier

    I share all of this on Facebook to show what kind of people really live in Egypt. I hope it helps to keep tourists away from Egypt.

    • shibl

      You keep away from Egypt and please keep your friends and your hat away too
      thank you , now go away you are done.

    • Dr. Hashem

      This people admit that they were not licensed this means that they are criminals . PEOPLE OF EGYPT DO NOT RESPECT CRIMINALS we put them in the jail

  • ILEG


  • shibl

    ALL Egyptian people very happy for this result.

    The Muslim is happy, the Christian is HAppy, the poor is happy, the rich is happy, if you loving EGypt than you happy for this people to understand that showing bad immages not accepted by the people of the country

  • Minymina

    Good f**king riddance. The fact that they’re journalist doesn’t excuse the fact that they were operating in Egypt without a valid license and were working for a banned Qatari publication who was spreading false news. Fahmy even went on record saying that AL Jazeera was fabricating false news to spread Qatari propaganda.

    I hope people wake up to this bullshit. Being a journalist doesn’t put you above the law. You commit a crime, you’re going to go to prison. All the libertards can go f**k themselves.

    • Dr. HAshem

      Yes thats what happen thanks the GOD that the court did justice for the EGYPTIAN PEOPLE
      You L JAZERA why are you trying to show the world bad image! this not gonna be accepted, you accept our rules ALLLLLLLL OFFFFFFF DEM



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