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Parents Are Key to Success of New Education System in Egypt

December 14, 2018
Students taking part in art activities in a public school in Egypt. Credit: World Education Staff.

For years, Egypt’s educational system has been criticized for its shortcomings and for the unhealthy, unrealistic expectations and pressures it inflicts on students. However, with the arrival of a new education minister, a set of new goals and ambitions are in place. In an exclusive interview with Egypt’s Minister of Education on the sidelines of the World Youth Forum in November, Dr. Tarek Shawki explained to Egyptian Streets the details of the new educational system and the challenges that lay ahead, particularly when considering resistance from families. In February 2017, Tarek Galal Shawki was appointed the Minister of Education and Technical Education. Under his auspices, the ministry is implementing the national education re-imagination plan in Egypt as the current one is set to end in 2026. Priorly, Dr Shawki served as the Director of UNESCO’s Regional Bureau for Science in Arab States with experience as the Chief of its ICTs in Education, Science and Culture section within the Information Society Division. Recognizing that many things need to be done in order to holistically improve education, Dr. Shawfik cited Egyptian parents and families as the main opposition to the shifting system….

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