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What You Need to Know About the Egypt Health Passport App

November 6, 2021
Source: Facebook Page of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population.

Egyptians and expats vaccinated in Egypt now have the option to obtain a QR code verifying their vaccination through the Egyptian Health Ministry’s Egypt Health Passport mobile application.

Launched on 3 November, this app serves as a virtual alternative to issuing a QR code verifying vaccination at the centers set up by the Ministry of Health.

Here are the answers to some questions you may have about the app.

What do I need the QR code for?

The Egyptian government has mandated vaccines across a number of sectors, and unvaccinated government employees will not be permitted to enter government buildings starting 15 November. The rule will also apply to citizens entering government buildings starting 1 December. This QR code serves as quick and easy proof of vaccination, showing your vaccination status, the type of vaccine, the number of doses administered, and when they were administered. The Health Ministry has also stated that QR codes generated using passports will be accepted at all international airports as proof of vaccination.

Where can I download the app?

The application is available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

What is the process I have to follow on the app?

Once you have downloaded the app, the first step is to provide your passport or national ID number, as well as your vaccine registration number. You will receive a 4-digit One Time Password on your mobile phone. Once you have entered it in the app, you will be asked to provide a profile picture, set a 4-digit pin code of your choosing, and pay a fee. To add another passport, click to your profile from the bottom of the screen, click on the ‘Add Passport’ button to the right of your profile picture, and enter the information.

How much will it cost me?

Downloading the app itself is free. To generate a QR code through their national ID to use locally, Egyptian citizens are required to pay EGP 100, while EGP 150 are charged for those who request to generate a QR code through their passport that can be used internationally. Those who apply with a non-Egyptian passport are charged EGP 400 to generate a QR code.

Are there any issues with the app?

So far, most people who have used the app to obtain their QR codes have been successful, though three minor issues were reported throughout the process. Some users have reported the app crashing and others have reported that upon closing the app, they were logged out of their account and had to re-enter some information to be admitted. Some users have also reported that when they were expecting a One Time Password to be sent to their mobile phones, they had to request for the code to be resent several times before it arrived.

What language is the app in?

When you first log into the app, you will be asked to choose between navigating the app in Arabic or in English.

Will I still need to physically go to One of the Health Ministry’s centers?

No, you will not. But those who have already issued a hard copy of their QR code, such as people who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for travel, will be charged once again to issue a virtual version on the app.

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