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Ride Like an Egyptian: 4 Cycling Groups to Join in Cairo

For many, cycling is a delightful pastime, and for other riders, it is a passion and a...

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Can the ‘Infant Industry’ Protection Argument Help Egypt Overcome its Economic Crisis?

It is no secret that Egypt is suffering an economic whirlwind creating difficult living conditions for many....

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Egyptian TikTok Influencer Salma El-Shimy Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for ‘Inappropriate Content’

The Economic Misdemeanor Court in Alexandria sentenced Egyptian TikTok influencer Salma El-Shimy, convicted of filming and broadcasting...

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Egypt’s Coastal Waters Reveals Ancient Shipwreck and Relics

An underwater archaeological mission near Egypt’s Al-Alamein coastline unearthed an ancient sunken ship that dates back to...

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