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Al-Sisi’s ‘New Republic’: What Egypt’s New Strategy Entails for its Human Rights

A year ago, in July 2021, during the Egyptian government’s Haya Karima (Decent Life) campaign inauguration, President...

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A Spiral of ‘What Ifs’ One Month Before My Wedding

It’s past 2 AM. I’m scrolling aimlessly through my phone, and I notice that my countdown application—flashing...

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“Execution Matters More Than Words”: How MaxAb Supports up to 400,000 Businesses in Egypt

The fourth episode of the International Finance Corporation‘s series ‘#IFCinConversation’ features the co-founder and CEO of MaxAb,...

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In Photos: An Affordable Summer Getaway at the Heart of Fayoum

While many travel to the North Coast and El Gouna to enjoy the luxurious beaches and relaxing...

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